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  If you are looking for embroidery digitizing. “Champdigitizing” we are a specialist of embroidery digitizing company in Thailand. Our team also has long experience in both embroidery and digitization for nearly 15 years. We provide 24-hours service 7 days a week. With advanced technology, equipment and embroidery digitizing software, we offer quick, Efficient, competitive priced and top quality embroidery digitizing and experiences would like to offer you the best service with a very reasonable price.

  If you are new to embroidery digitizing, it is the process of taking a logo, pattern, other creative artwork, even photo, and converting it into a digital file in certain format/language that the embroidery machine can execute and stitch it out. Embroidery digitizing is a complex process which uses stitch types including fill stitch, satin stitch and running stitch to create an embroidery design. This process is done with the help skilled digitizer's manual input and creative treatments. As a matter of fact, many of our clients sent us "auto-digitized" file and asked us to re-digitize it, since the result of an "auto-digitized" design is as bad as the ones done by amateur digitizer. The reason is simple, embroidery digitizing requires creative input and so far no computer or robot is as creative as human and they may never be.

There are three basic stitch types that are used for all embroidery

- Running

Running stitches or walk stitches are single line stitches which run one stitch between two needle penetration point. A running stitch goes from point A to point B. They are used for very fine detail and also for underlay. There are different variations of run stitches such as two-ply and bean. A two-ply stitch is a running stitch that goes from point A to point B and then goes back from point B to point A and stops. A bean stitch is a running stitch that goes from point A to point B and then goes back from point B to point A and then goes forward from point A to point B. The differences are in the thickness of the different variations.

- Satin
Satin stitches are nothing more than zigzag stitches. A satin stitch can range in thickness from just over 1mm to usually a maximum of 12mm. A satin stitch is normally used for nice detail and for most normal size lettering.

- Fill
A fill stitch is used to cover a large area in a design. Fill stitches are a series of running stitches aligned together to create a solid area of coverage in the design. Fill stitches can be aligned to create patterns or they can change direction to provide different effects from within the design. In addition to different stitch types, the other factor a digitizer has to deal with is density, stitch directions and stitch lengths. The stitch directions and stitch lengths enable the digitizer to create different effects with the stitch types just described. The density refers to stitches per inch. The greater the density, the more stitches will be used within that defined area. A good technique for a digitizer to use is a greater amount of underlay to stabilize the material and allow for less density to be used in the particular segment of the design.

 If you choose us, you can enjoy:
  • Only $1.75/1000 stitches 2-24 hours turn  around time.
  • Only $1.50/1000 stitches 24-48 hours turn  around time.
  • Only $7.0 minimum charge.
  •  No extra charge for rush jobs. which can be delivered in just a few hours
  •  Maximum charge $90 per design
  •  Extremely fast turnaround time within 2-24 hours turn  around time.
  •  Free! embroidery designs format conversion.
  •  Free! quotes.
  •  Free! editing in most, if not all cases, until you are satisfied.
  •  100% quality guaranteed.
  •  Easy payment by paypal. We utilize the world-class online payment service by PayPal .
Here is the right place to help you achieve the success in this digitizing industry. We look forward to you sampling our work.
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